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Seniors need oral healthcare. The CDC suggests that one in five seniors 65+ have untreated health. Moreover, medications for high blood pressure, depression, or bladder control can lead to dry mouth, increasing the risk for cavities and oral fungal infections, etc fortunately, are included in this our insurance leaving seniors to independently find the best place to buy health insurance.
Luckily, we have multiple options for our issued health insurance for seniors exist to bring down the cost of oral care. The best health insurance for seniors provides preventative treatment and diagnosis at 100% with no waiting periods. It has generous annual maximums for restorative care, ranging from a basic filling to a low transplant of some human organs. Moreover, the best human insurance for seniors provides multiple plan options, low deductibles, and reasonable waiting periods. Here are our top picks.

Our Top Health Insurance Plans

Best Dental Insurance for Seniors of 2022

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  • Best Overall: Anthem
  • Best Value: Liberty
  • Best Coverage Types: Guardian
  • Most Affordable: Cigna
  • Best for Low Deductible: Spirit Dental
  • Best for Seniors on Medicare: Aetna
  • Best for Preventative Care: United Healthcare

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1): Anthem:

Key Specs:

  • No. of plans: 6 plans available
  • Coverage: The range of annual coverage limit is from $1,000 to $2,500
  • Availability: in 14 states

Why We Chose It: Anthem is one of the best insurance plans overall for seniors. It has six affordable plans with low deductibles that provide a generous annual maximum for participants and no waiting periods for preventative care.


  •  $2,500 in annual maximum between 6
  • 6-month waiting period for major services
  • Waiting period waived with proof of previous coverage
  • Several Medicare Advantage Plans with dental coverage


  • Rates vary based on geography and demographics
  • The most affordable policy doesn’t cover dentures, crowns, or bridges

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2): Liberty:

Key Specs:

  • No. of plans: 3 plans available
  • Coverage: No maximums
  • Availability: in 9 states

Why We Chose It: Liberty health insurance is a discount plan, not dental insurance. However, the discounts that Liberty has negotiated in exchange for a reasonable annual premium are excellent, and they also offer a senior discount on the annual premium rate.


  • No annual maximum or deductibles
  • No waiting period for coverage
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Senior discount is available


  • Not an insurance benefit
  • All costs are out-of-pocket, although discounted
  • No monthly rate; annual premium payment only

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3): Guardian:

Key Specs:

  • No. of plans: 3 PPO plans available
  • Coverage: Annual maximum ranges from $1,000 to $1,500 after 3 years
  • Availability: Many states

Why We Chose It: There are no waiting periods for preventative care and only six months for Basic care on all three plans. In addition, Guardian rewards you by increasing the annual maximums the longer you subscribe at each coverage level. Also, there is no deductible when you stay in-network.


  • No deductible for in-network providers
  • No waiting periods for preventive care
  • Generous annual maximums by 3 years


  • Major coverage requires a 12-month waiting period
  • Not all plans available in all states

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4): Cigna:

Key Specs:

  • No. of plans: 3 PPO plans
  • Coverage: Range of $1,000 to $1,500
  • Availability: Nationwide

Why We Chose It: When you compare what it covers to what you pay, Cigna is the most affordable dental insurance plan for seniors. The Cigna Dental Preventative plan has no deductible and covers preventative at 100%, and advertised rates start at about $19 per person per month.


  • No deductible or copayment for preventative care
  • Offers a 15% discount for additional family members
  • Includes dentures, partials, and bridges on the 1500 and 1000 plan


  • The preventative plan does not cover restorative care
  • Dentures, partials, and bridges have a 12-month waiting period

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5): Spirit Dental:

Key Specs:

  • No. of plans: 8 plans available
  • Coverage: Maximums range from $2,500 to $5,000
  • Availability: 49 states

Why We Chose It: We chose Spirit Dental as the best for the low deductibles because it has a lifetime deductible of only $100. Plus, the sliding scale of coverage increases to 50% by the third year of coverage.


  • Lifetime deductible of $100
  • Preventative covered at 100%
  • No waiting periods


  • Not all plans available in every state
  • It takes three years to hit a 50% coinsurance amount

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6): Aetna:

Key Specs:

  • No. of plans: 4 Medicare Advantage plans available
  • Coverage: HMO has $2,000/yr. for preventative and comprehensive services
  • Availability: 49 states

Why We Chose It: We chose Aetna as the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare because four affordable Medicare Advantage plans are available in 49 states that have great coverage options. Also, Aetna has an extensive network of providers that make it easy to find a dental provider in your area for oral healthcare.


  • 4 plans to choose from
  • Picks up dental coverage not covered by Medicare
  • Has generous benefits for routine dental care and comprehensive services


  • Not all plans are available in every state
  • Some plans require a primary care physician for the coverage to apply

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7): United Healthcare:

Key Specs:

  • No. of plans: 10 plans available
  • Coverage: Maximums in some plans range from $1,000 to $3,000
  • Availability: Nationwide

Why We Chose It: United Healthcare’s dental insurance plans for seniors are the best for preventative care because there is no waiting period, and they cover it 100%. Also, the low deductible for the overall dentistry package is about $50. Moreover, their plans have generous coverage maximums for higher-end plans at reasonable rates. United Healthcare is also a well-established and networked company nationwide.


  • No waiting period for preventative care covered at 100%
  • Low deductible
  • Shorter waiting periods on major coverage for some plans
  • No maximum age limit


  • No adult orthodontic coverage
  • Plan availability varies by state

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8): Blue Cross Blue Shield:

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a widely used health insurance provider available in all 50 states. They’ve been serving people in the United States for more than 90 years.

BCBS offers corporate health insurance, individual health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, dental insurance, and more. Over 1.7 million doctors and hospitals are in network with BCBS. Many plans include the Blue365 program for Medicare members, which provides discounts on health- and wellness-related products and services.

Other plans come with benefits such as:

  • dental
  • vision
  • hearing
  • telehealth
  • fitness discounts
  • over-the-counter medication management

While BCBS is a widely trusted insurance company, if you’re looking to purchase a premium, you may have to do some extra work upfront. BCBS consists of 35 separate companies that are locally operated, meaning it will take some research to find the plans that apply to you.


  • Low-cost plans are available, with $0 premiums in 45 states for Medicare members.
  • Extra benefits are available with the Blue365 discount program.
  • You can get nationwide coverage.


  • Separate plans are decided geographically and require extra research.

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