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Abortion pill pack online for sale USA. Get the easiest abortion with an abortion pill pack online

The abortion pill pack in today’s date is the most cost-effective mode of abortion, we call it cost-effective as this pack not only contains the exact pills needed for a successful abortion but also contains the secondary pills that control aggravation of any side effects. Along with the safety assurance, this pill pack gives the maximum benefit by keeping the side effects under control. Abortion with this pill pack is so beneficial that women can easily terminate the pregnancy without much effort. This pill pack can be easily used in the first trimester until the 10th week of pregnancy. In case the pregnancy has exceeded 5 weeks you will need two packs of the abortion pill pack.

What are the medicines in this abortion pill pack?

This abortion pill pack contains one pill of mifepristone that is of 200 mg strength, four pills of misoprostol that is of 200 mcg strength each, 1 pill of ondansetron and Zofran that is 4 mg, a single pill of Flexon-MR that is of 250 mg and last but not the least a single pill of ethamsylate which is of 250 mg.

Which is better MTP Kit or Abortion pill pack?

We know that the cost of an abortion pill pack is slightly higher than MTP Kit but this abortion pill pack contains additional tablets that help to control the side effects which aren’t present in the MTP kit and so women prefer to buy abortion pill pack so that they can terminate the pregnancy fearlessly. But those who do not require the intake of any of the side-effects alleviated pill then they can prefer taking MTP Kit for their pregnancy termination.

How do the medications in this pill pack work?

The mifepristone pill or the anti-progestin pill inhibits the production of progesterone hormone in the uterus. This hormone is also known as the building hormone as this hormone allows the pregnancy to grow. Once this hormone is blocked the entire pregnancy process stops there and the fetus gets removed from the placenta. At the tissue level, even mifepristone has the capacity for the contractility of the myometrium to the prostaglandin.

The misoprostol pill is the synthetic prostaglandin that creates contractions. This pill makes the entire tissue as well as the endometrial dissolve by diluting it. The cervix dilates and widens and the entire endometrial tissue is flushed out through vaginal discharge.

Ondansetron or Zofran – This pill is an anti-emetic medication that controls the vomiting and nausea feeling during the abortion. It helps in releasing those chemicals into the body that stops vomiting. This also helps the abortion pills from flushing out of the body while vomiting.

Flexon-MR – This pill is the anti-inflammatory pill that controls excessive pain faced during the abortion and this also controls the fever which may arise during an abortion. This pain healer is actually a blessing as you can have a painless abortion.

Ethamsylate – This blood coagulation medication stops excessive bleeding which may occur if there is excessive bleeding. Bleeding during an abortion is a normal phenomenon as the pregnancy parts need to be expelled out but in a few cases the bleeding is excess then this pill is helpful.

How to take the dose of this pill?

You need to start with the first pill which is the mifepristone pill which is required to be taken with the help of a glass of water.

After 24 hours you have to take the misoprostol pills. Start with 2 pills of misoprostol; you can keep them under the tongue so that the pills can dissolve in your mouth.

After 3 hours take the remaining pills of misoprostol in the same way by keeping it under the tongue.

You can take the Zofran or ondansetron pill just before taking the misoprostol pill so that you do not puke the pills out within half an hour.

Flexon-MR can be taken as soon as the abdominal cramps start. You can take this medicine when you have started a tingling pain in the stomach or feeling a bit feverish.

As soon as you see your bleeding has increased you can take ethamsylate so that the bleeding happens in a controlled way.


By now you have come to know that the side effects that you will face are vaginal bleeding, nausea and vomiting, fever, and stomach cramps which can be easily tackled with the help of the secondary pills that are present in the pill pack. You can face diarrhea and other gastrointestinal disorders during this time because of the synthetic postglandalin.

The problem of infection and sepsis – there has been no causal relationship between the inflectional skeptics with the usage of mifepristone the misoprostol, but alertness and fatal septic shock are said to be maintained hence the women need to adhere to perfect pre-abortion care. Moreover, with this pill pack, the chances are rare but any chances of pelvic tenderness and severe abdominal pain beyond the intake of the inflammation pill should be reported at the earliest.

What are the precautionary steps before you buy abortion pill pack?

If you wish to terminate your pregnancy with the help of abortion pill pack then you should first get your pregnancy type confirmed as uterine pregnancy. These abortion pills do not work in ectopic pregnancy.

You should have an abortion at home only if you are more than 18 years of age and below 35 years. If you are not falling into this age group then you should not take the risk of getting the abortions done at home but rather seek the doctor’s help.

You should not have a past history of intrauterine disorders, cardiovascular problems, problems of intense anemia, or any liver disease.

Make sure to remove the IUD device before the abortion as this will increase your pelvic pain.

What to do if the pills do not work?

There are rare cases when the pills do not work, as per FDA out of 100 women only 2 turn up to the doctor for help or you can also take two more pills of misoprostol. If the pills do not give you a successful abortion then you can get the pregnancy removed by aspiration abortion which is also a safe and approved form of abortion.

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