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MIFEPRISTONE 200mg, Online Mifepristone – a more preferred abortion pill for 49 days of pregnancy

To terminate an unwanted pregnancy the most prescribed medication is mifepristone which has anti-progesterone properties. These anti-progesterone properties help in the termination of pregnancy by detaching the fetus from the womb once it is devoid of progesterone. Women buy mifepristone to terminate a pregnancy if their pregnancy age is below 49 days which is calculated from the first day of the last normal menstrual cycle.

What is the composition of mifepristone?

This anti-m progesterone compound is a type of yellow powder which has a molecular weight of 429.6 with a melting point of 191-196 degrees Celsius. Its properties include high solubility in methanol, acetone, and chloroform and less soluble in hexane, isopropyl ether, and water. Mifepristone is also a substituted 19-norsteroid compound.

How does mifepristone work chemically?

This termination pill antagonizes the endometrial and myometrial effects of progesterone during pregnancy in women. This compound sensitizes the myometrium and starts contraction and induces the activities of prostaglandins. Along with the inhibition of progesterone, it also develops contractions that make the cervix mucus dilute resulting in the outflow of entire pregnancy tissue.

What is the metabolism structure of mifepristone?

In case of absorption, a single dose of 600 mg is clinically proven to absorb very quickly in the body when followed with oral administration as it takes about 90 minutes for a peak plasma concentration to occur in the body. The distribution structure of this drug is such that it binds 98% to plasma proteins, albumen, and acid glycoprotein. The metabolism of mifepristone involves N-demethylation and terminal hydroxylation the mifepristone in case of excretion is seen by the 11 days where 83% of the drug is expelled out through feces and 9% through the urine.

What is the efficacy rate of mifepristone?

The safety data and the efficacy data are reported from U.S clinical trials and from French trials where the safety data in the US is conducted on 859 women while efficacy data is seen on 827 women whose pregnancy period is 49 days or less. And in French studies, efficacy was seen on 1681 women, and safety was seen on 1800 women. In US trials 92.1% of women could accomplish a complete medical abortion whereas in the case of French trials 95.5% of women could get a complete abortion. In the case of the USA, the rest 6.3% women could get an abortion with the help of misoprostol pills while in the case of France 5.3% of women required the administration of misoprostol for pregnancy termination. The remaining percent of women had a failed pregnancy termination in case of mifepristone and had to take up surgical abortion to terminate the unwanted pregnancy.

What is the dosage structure of mifepristone?

This mifepristone pill can be taken only in case of intrauterine pregnancy for 49 days below so if you buy mifepristone 200mg pills online then you should be aware of the pregnancy age. The calculations of the pregnancy are done as the first day of the last menstrual cycle is calculated as Day 1 of the pregnancy and we assume a 28-day ovulation cycle where ovulation starts during the middays. So we suggest an ultrasound to first confirm the type of pregnancy as these pills are ineffective in case of ectopic pregnancy and you will know the exact days of pregnancy if you are not certain about the pregnancy days.

You should take a 400 mg dose of mifepristone and wait for 24 hours if the abortion doesn’t stand successfully then you can wait for one more day and then ingest the misoprostol pills. In most women, it is seen that women also take 2 days after the mifepristone pill ingestion to terminate the pregnancy.

What are the plans for taking mifepristone?

Before the start of this abortion pill, the dosage removes the IUD device to stop the extreme pelvic pain. Check out the health history to know whether this pill has any contraindications. Normally women above 18 and below 35 are suggested to take these abortion pills at home. If required this can be administered under the guidance of a health care expert. You should completely go through the patient information section and comply with it completely to get a safe and complete abortion.

What are the contraindications of the Mifepristone pill?

Mifepristone should be administered only after confirmation of a proper intrauterine pregnancy. You should not take this pill in case of chronic adrenal failure or those who suffer from concurrent long-term corticosteroids. Allergic to mifepristone or misoprostol or any prostaglandin should avoid taking up the mifepristone for abortion. Have a problem with hemorrhagic disorders or undergoing anti-convulsant therapy. If adequate health information is not gathered then the contraindication can be higher. It is also recommended that women who fail to understand the direction of using the pill should get a clear view of the correct protocol from the nearest health clinic and only then administer the abortion pills.

What are the side-effects warnings?

According to the clinical trials in the USA and French trials women who undergo abortion are likely to face severe bleeding for a prolonged period of 9 to 16 days while few also faced bleeding for up to 30 days though the bleeding can also lessen spotting in a few cases. The duration of bleeding depends upon the pregnancy age. The more the age the longer the bleeding days. Vaginal cramps are also a common phenomenon to occur but in few cases along with nausea and vomiting.

Remember one thing prolonged bleeding is not complete proof of complete pregnancy termination. If in any case the pregnancy does not get aborted completely then it may lead to fetal deformation in the future. The medical abortion failures have to be reported early to get a surgical termination done to complete the abortion.

What are the clinical tests required to confirm abortion?

Go for a follow-up to the doctor and get an ultrasound done after 14 days and in case you wish to have a urine test get it done only after 4 weeks as the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormones are still present in the blood days after the abortion had been done.

Get a few lab tests done like testing the hemoglobin as it is seen in case of pregnancy termination the level of hemoglobin decreases and also does the blood count.
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